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Slim Jim Banjos

Bespoke old time Banjos

Slim Jim Banjos is a small UK based company based in the heart of Hampshire started in 2014, run by Jim Heasell.

Jim has always been a craftsman, having it in his blood passed from his great-grandfather, a cabinet maker and following into his father’s footsteps into yacht and boat building.

Jim took up playing the banjo a few years ago and straight away was hooked and started about thinking on making his own banjo, after being inspired by such makers as Jason Romero, Mac Traynham and Chuck Lee, to name but a few.

About Slim Jim Banjos

Festivals - Slim Jim Banjos can be found at many Old Time and Bluegrass festivals throughout the summer months, these include the following:

Foaotmad Summer Camp (August 2018) -
Summer Camp Link
Gainsborough Old Time Festibal (February 2018) -

Crossover Festival (May 2018 -
Didmarton Bluegrass Festival (September 2018) -
Orwell Bluegrass (April 2018) -
Cornish Bluegrass (September 2018)  -