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Slim Jim Banjos

Mountain Banjos

Traditional banjo made of simple construction. Great fun to play and bring a smile to your face.

Reclaimed timber of various sorts. Maple or Walnut.

Natural skin heads are used in with calf or goat skin.

These can be either fretless or fretted.

Types of Banjos

Open Back Old Time Banjos

These are custom made to a very high standard and attention to detail.

Standard scale length of 26 1/4”.
Other scale lengths can be made. For example A scale or Long Neck.
These can either be one piece necks or laminated.
Laminated necks can be constructed from using the same timber or a variety of veneers depending on personal choice.

Standard rim is constructed to 11” or 12” and the depth is 3 ¼”.
A shallow rim, for example 2 ½” or 3” can be constructed according to individual needs. (Rim depth will affect the tone).

Tone Woods
Standard construction is from Maple, Walnut or Cherry. Please be aware that Walnut and Cherry are slightly more expensive.
Exotic Woods are available upon request to create a unique look and sound. Quotes available upon request.

Tone Rings
Are primarily wooden, crafted from Walnut, Rosewood or Cherry for a warm mellow tone.
Alternatively a Round Rod tone ring for a traditional Old-Time tone.
Rolled Brass tone ring can be used which creates a crisp tone.

Other tone rings are availableupon request, for example Dobson, Tubaphone.

Natural heads are used as standard either goat or calf skin, which are treated to make them stable to atmospheric conditions.
Synthetic heads can be used on request.