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Slim Jim Banjos

Pricing Guidelines

Slim Jim Banjos Baseball Caps - £15.00 plus £2.00 postage & packaging

The Hampshire     Maple            Walnut

11”                                £1,400                £1,450

12”                                £1,400                £1,450

Supplied with a soft case

All  pricing below for banjos is a guideline and dependent upon the specific requirements of each banjo.

A deposit of 33% will be requesteed in advance.

All custom banjos over £2000 wil be supplied with a quality hard case.

Typical lead time for a custom banjo will be approx. three months depending upon specifications.

Gourd Banjo - Coming soon

Custom 12”

£2,100      Comes with quality hard case

This price can vary depending on the exact bespoke requirements and materials used eg , woods , Hardware , Inlay etc

Typical Extras

Extra veneers                                £25 - £100

Antique finish                                £50

Gotoh Tuners                                £25

Non Standard  Shoes - Nuts        £50

Exotic Woods                      Price on application/upon request

Repair & Restoration Work

An estimate will be provided for restoration work based upon the information provided, however once the repair work has been inspected pricing may vary depending upon the nature of the repair and restoration required.

Mountain Banjos

Mountain Banjo using Reclaimed Timber  £350
Mountain Banjo using Maple                      £400

Mountain Banjo using Walnut                    £420


Different Head stock                    £15  - £25

Antique finish                               £25

Fretted                                          £50

Brass fret  Board                          £25

Calf or Goat Skin                          N/A Included

Exotic Woods                              Price on application/upon request

The Duroc         Maple Stained         Walnut

11”                                £1,600                      £1,650

12”                                £1,600                      £1,650

Supplied with a soft case